An Interactive Opportunity

Help Desk has given us numerous real world opportunities to consult with businesses in our community. Last year, I attended the Burlington Chamber of Commerce meeting and was able to talk with close to a dozen small business owners. This year, I once again have the chance to work with real business. Most recently, I was able to consult with Xinteractive, LLC which is beta testing their new app “College Interactive.” This opportunity came as a result of our Director of Guidance, Mr. Auttubato, who was contacted by the marketing staff at College Interactive. They wanted to come to Help Desk to seek our input about their new app. At the consultation, I had a conversation with Stephen Feldman, the Chief Marketing Officer at College Interactive. We spoke about the marketing side of the app. I gave them ideas on everything from ambassador marketing to scholarship incentives for students. So what exactly does College Interactive do, and why should students use it?

An Interactive Opportunity 

College Interactive is an app designed to help upperclassmen in high school find the right college. The app is comprehensive and useful. It eliminates hours of searching into a few minutes. It provides users with all the information they would want about hundreds of colleges at their finger tips. The unique thing about this app is that it facilitates conversations between college admissions representatives and students. It helps make the college search modern. If a college wants to talk to a user, they will get a notification on your device. You can choose to respond to these notifications and have meaningful conversations with college admission reps. The screenshots below show all the features the app can do.

What Does College Interactive Do?


The app can help you find colleges as well as figure out how to pay for it.

The college search can be daunting. With thousands of colleges spread out through country finding the right college can be overwhelming. With access to every college in the northeast, and new colleges being added regularly, College Interactive makes the searching process simple. Once the app has enough of a user base, more and more features will be added.


These colleges are utilizing the app to find students like you.

Users can utilize the search features to find their dream college. Users can filter colleges based on different criteria. Once users finds their dream school, they can reach out to them using the private messaging system incorporated into the app. Once they are connected to the school, they can determine if they fit the colleges profile. Factors including test scores or GPA needed for admission are all in the app. This will help students determine whether the school is a right fit, reach, or safety.



They also have a ever growing list of colleges in the US and beyond. The app has put all the data in one place. This makes it easier to find your dream school.

During the initial consultation I spoke with them about the possibility of partnering up with my marketing firm, Double Eagle Marketing. I was interviewed a few weeks ago and have been hired as the Lead High School Ambassador.  I am excited to be working for College Interactive. This was all thanks to Help Desk.



Running a marketing staff is hard work. Over the past few weeks we have gone and delegated work. However we have had to deal with people not being the most keene with their job assignments. Working with a volunteer staff is hard. We had a organizational meeting with the key top players in my division and we outlined our plans for the upcoming months. Hopefully with a more directed response to problems within the group we will be able to work more efficiently. I look forward to the upcoming months with my staff.

Tours at BHS

Over the course of the 1:1 visit I was charged with giving tours of or building. I led a small group around the building and showed them our set up. I also answered questions attendees had about our program.

I was supposed to give a tour with a colleague of mine. Another colleague did not feel comfortable leading a tour by herself. I said I would be fine leading a tour by myself and my colleague joined the other tour. Because I was the only one, I did all of the talking.

During the tour questions such as how is our infrastructure set up or how do student behave in the class. I answered these questions honestly. I said if they had any more questions that they could contact me.

While we walked around we visited many of the teacher across the building. We went from history to science. My tour group was very impressed by the wide range of teachers utilizing the iPad’s into the class room. They all wan to possibly bring some geniuses into their schools to help start their own programs.

I have been placed before large groups in the past. I believe that I did exceptionally well. If I were to do this again I would like to have someone complement my talkative nature. Having two sides to every story makes it compelling. I am excited for our next visit and all that comes with it.

Get a Clue at MassCUE

This past Thursday my Help Desk colleagues and myself went to one of the largest educational technology classes in the region. It was epic and awe inspiring. I was able to meet many new people and be placed in the spotlight for a few minutes. People were wide eyed when they read Burlington on our badges. They were asking us questions related to the implementation of a 1:1 environment.


Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 10.59.33 AM


They also wanted to get our opinions on topics such as web filtering and the hindrance in the classroom. We met students from other tech teams in the area such as Reading and Groton-Dunstable public schools. They were awesome people and bonds like this will last a long time. We plan on having a tech team meet up later this year. Mrs. Scheffer and Mira Medhi both presented on Augmented Reality in the classroom. I helped them the with workshop part of the session and utilized Google Glass to film the attendees first time using Aurasma. If you want to learn more about my colleagues time at MassCUE please visit us at

The Edscape of a Lifetime

People always ask me what is my favorite thing about Help Desk is. I say the presentations and conferences. My non-helpdesk peers scoff at me for this notion. Why you ask? It is probably due to the connotation that conferences require extra work and are demanding. However this was the contrary. On the way down, my fellow geniuses Micheal and Manas joined by Mrs. Scheffer had lengthy conversations about various things. Topics ranged from starting a businesses to finding a job in the modern workplace. We spent quality time together and bonded.

The conferences itself was mesmerizing. When we told educators and local “in the know” students that we were from Burlington, MA they thought of us differently. I always heard that people looked towards us for advice in going one to one. But seeing is believing. People were excited to hear what we were doing and what we had to say. There was the is phenomenal group of high school students presenting on their real world projects ranging from drone education to human trafficking awareness. I spoke with them as a group and it was awesome. I look to have them on our next Help Desk Live episode. People loved our presentations and are  looking to have us help them with technology integration at their schools. They also want Nov. 20th to come soon so they can visit our school.

I would like to shout out to my teacher Mrs. Scheffer for driving four hours each way. I look forward to spending more time with her and my fellow peers. Look at the storify below for more in depth coverage.

Your Job Future is in the Cards

In todays growing workforce, one needs to stand out from the rest. With less jobs open than applicants, trying to land the dream is fading away. First impressions are what people remember. People use catchy slogans or even magic to land a job. However these can be seen as either cheesy or unprofessional. The way most people introduce themselves is with a firm handshake and a smile. Once this first contact is over people like to share information in order to follow up. The other person fumbling through your phone trying to put in their information does not sound all that great. Writing it down on a scrap piece of paper will lead to it being misplaced or accidentally thrown out. There must be a way to get around these conundrums. There is!

Put the Business in Business Cards

Business cards are the greatest way to give information quickly and efficiently. At the Help Desk we have our own set of business cards with vital information on it. As you can see we have our address, website, email, and contact information. There are some more interactive features like a custom designed QR code that directs users to our main site. On the back (not picture) we have a place to write down your appointment times and other important information.


Personally I also have business cards. Some have scoffed at the idea of a seventeen year old having business cards. I tell them that each business card is a first impression. With each one handed out, an opportunity has formed, and a connection, created. When I meet a college admission representative for an interview or campus visit, I always make sure to leave them my card. Fellow students say that is absurd. I want to go into business as a full time profession. The business cards prove said point. After a few weeks pass and I return to a college or business, they tell me they still have my card and remember me.

Personal Cards the New Way Forward.


Business card back

Personal cards are different than cards for a business. Personal cards need your legal name, phone number, and email. However, you can add things and make it look better. I have placed a direct link to my LinkedIn profile, Twitter handle, and Facebook link. The back on most personal cards are left blank or have more information. I wanted to be different then the rest. I placed my slogan on the back. It is a conversation starter and eventually leads to interviews.

People want to hire those that stand out from the crowd. Whether it is for business or pleasure business cards are the way of future.