Nathan Rippin – Class of 2015, 2nd Year Help Desk Team Member

IMG_0414Hello, my name is Nathaniel Rippin. I am currently a senior at Burlington High and a second year member of the Help Desk. I excel in Mac, PC, iOS, hardware, and troubleshooting. I can create videos, screencasts, and app-smashed solutions to education problems. My height helps with mounted projectors and seeing above the problem. Besides Help Desk, I am in an Instrumental Group and in the Boy Scouts. I love to camp, play instruments, find the next big thing, and help others. I am also the Head of Business for the high school robotics team, DevilBotz. I have used my leadership skills acquired in Help Desk to build a boardwalk at my high school for my Eagle Project.  I look to help those who need it and to teach innovative ideas from projects to classroom management. Follow me at @Escape_thenate.




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  1. Miranda Bickford · February 15, 2015

    Hello Nathan,
    My name in Miranda and I’m a sophomore at University of Maine @ Presque Isle in Maine studying to be a Secondary Education History teacher. As part of my degree, I’m enrolled in an Education 261 (Technology in the Classroom) and this week’s assignment was to check out blogs of students across the country and I came across yours. I just wanted to let you know that I’m very impressed in everything you’ve done and continue to do with your blog and with your school. It’s so nice to see young students engaged and active in technology and it’s uses for a better future!

    P.S.- I love your spunky attitude and the slogan on the back of your card, especially the title of your blog. Keep “Rippin’ It Up!”


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