Rocking WPI with Robotics

Friday, April 10th, the BHS Robotics Team DevilBotz went to WPI to compete in the NE First District Championship Event. We competed against the top 60 teams from all over New England for 34 slots to the World Championship in St. Louis. This was the furthest the team has gotten within the new district model. After some great and not so great qualification rounds we were ranked 33rd in the competition in Avg. Score of Match and 49th in the region in qualification points. The long version of the scoring requirements and qualification requirements can be found on

Despite not being picked for an alliance for the final matches, we as a team are very proud of what we accomplished. We sit currently four slots away from St. Louis and look forward to qualifying next year. Please see a video below of the second highest scoring match from the regional championship. We helped out some awesome teams in this match. I look forward to next year where I can mentor my friends into becoming an unstoppable force of a team. As BayMax would say, “I cannot deactivate unless you say you are satisfied with your care.” (inside joke)


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