Help Desk Means Business

Thanks to Mrs. Scheffer for this wonderful title of my reflection.



The Help Desk in run like a business. Self sufficiency and workflows are at the heart of the program. I was able to continue my love of business in DECA, the BHS business club. We compete with fierce competition concerning many demographics of business. Topics range from quick serve management to fashion marketing to financial literacy and economics  My event I competed in was ENI, Entrepreneurship Innovation Plan. I had to write a 5 page paper and give a 15 min presentation to a judge. I did this at a district level at at the state level. I came in 2nd place in my district and 15th in the state. I did not get my ticket punched to Orlando, FL. However, with it being my first and last year in DECA at BHS, I felt I made both myself and my family proud. In order to showcase the awesome things my peers and I did while at the state conference, I made a highlight reel posted above for your viewing pleasure.

Dan Pais and Timmy Sullivan are going on in their categories to nationals in Orlando. Both of these young men are also in the Help Desk. We will them luck on the final leg of their DECA journey.


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