Hour of Code

In the world today more and more coding jobs are becoming available. Males are subjected more to coding than females. In order to satisfy both equations there has been a recent initiative by the name of Hour of Code. It is a movement to have students learn coding in one hour. Over the course of five days the program reached over 15 million students world wide. To date the program has impacted over 97 million people and counting. In 2013 over 10 million females were coding. This is more than all girls in the past 70 years. If these statistics are not proof enough, students have been raving about the program year after year.

This past week, I have been helping students with their hour of code projects. Students have been making games to cool activities such as “My Robot Friends” At conferences such as Edscape we did this activity and it was with rave reviews. Coding is a great initiative. One will need to know basic coding skills at some point in there lifetime. Why? The process of going through a problem and find the solution through certain parameters is a great skill to have. Also being able to find a problem that may be as small as a misplaced semi-colon takes patience. The skills learned in coding have numerous impacts in the workplace. I believe coding should be at least an elective at every high school. In grades k-8 students should be subjected to coding yearly to have a increased interest for occupations. Hopefully at BHS the rest of this years hour of code goes smoothly. I look forward to see what innovations the students come up with next. Till next time, Nathaniel RIppin.


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