Tours at BHS

Over the course of the 1:1 visit I was charged with giving tours of or building. I led a small group around the building and showed them our set up. I also answered questions attendees had about our program.

I was supposed to give a tour with a colleague of mine. Another colleague did not feel comfortable leading a tour by herself. I said I would be fine leading a tour by myself and my colleague joined the other tour. Because I was the only one, I did all of the talking.

During the tour questions such as how is our infrastructure set up or how do student behave in the class. I answered these questions honestly. I said if they had any more questions that they could contact me.

While we walked around we visited many of the teacher across the building. We went from history to science. My tour group was very impressed by the wide range of teachers utilizing the iPad’s into the class room. They all wan to possibly bring some geniuses into their schools to help start their own programs.

I have been placed before large groups in the past. I believe that I did exceptionally well. If I were to do this again I would like to have someone complement my talkative nature. Having two sides to every story makes it compelling. I am excited for our next visit and all that comes with it.


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