Your Job Future is in the Cards

In todays growing workforce, one needs to stand out from the rest. With less jobs open than applicants, trying to land the dream is fading away. First impressions are what people remember. People use catchy slogans or even magic to land a job. However these can be seen as either cheesy or unprofessional. The way most people introduce themselves is with a firm handshake and a smile. Once this first contact is over people like to share information in order to follow up. The other person fumbling through your phone trying to put in their information does not sound all that great. Writing it down on a scrap piece of paper will lead to it being misplaced or accidentally thrown out. There must be a way to get around these conundrums. There is!

Put the Business in Business Cards

Business cards are the greatest way to give information quickly and efficiently. At the Help Desk we have our own set of business cards with vital information on it. As you can see we have our address, website, email, and contact information. There are some more interactive features like a custom designed QR code that directs users to our main site. On the back (not picture) we have a place to write down your appointment times and other important information.


Personally I also have business cards. Some have scoffed at the idea of a seventeen year old having business cards. I tell them that each business card is a first impression. With each one handed out, an opportunity has formed, and a connection, created. When I meet a college admission representative for an interview or campus visit, I always make sure to leave them my card. Fellow students say that is absurd. I want to go into business as a full time profession. The business cards prove said point. After a few weeks pass and I return to a college or business, they tell me they still have my card and remember me.

Personal Cards the New Way Forward.


Business card back

Personal cards are different than cards for a business. Personal cards need your legal name, phone number, and email. However, you can add things and make it look better. I have placed a direct link to my LinkedIn profile, Twitter handle, and Facebook link. The back on most personal cards are left blank or have more information. I wanted to be different then the rest. I placed my slogan on the back. It is a conversation starter and eventually leads to interviews.

People want to hire those that stand out from the crowd. Whether it is for business or pleasure business cards are the way of future.


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