Classy Casting Part One

Screencasting is a way to give people a tutorial of an application on a device. In order to create an screencast one will need the following, a device, a screen recording device, a showcased tool or application, video editing software, and a script. A high quality screencast is short and sweet. It gets the job done with no errors in video or audio.

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 10.56.01 AM

Before one creates a screencast, a script should be written to minimize errors during production. Create screencasts on applications that you are comfortable with. This will ease the process of screencasting. On a Mac, I strongly suggest one use QuickTime. It is built into the OSx and utilizes the microphone in the computer. Some people like to include a video of their face next to the video of the screencast. If this sounds like you, a webcam or camera is required. QuickTime is a one stop shop for screencasting. Once recorded an intro can be added using a movie editing software such as iMovie.

I like to add a title slide and background music to the screencasts. This allows people to see the topic from the beginning and the music is a nice touch. After the editing is finished and the video exported, you can disseminate it through a website, on Vimeo, or on YouTube. In order to create a high quality screencast, I will make sure that I have no stumbles or fumbles in my speech. Nor will I have any inefficient movements on my screen in order to make it seem as though my video is rehearsed.  Below you can see a high quality screen cast.

The video, as you can tell, is rehearsed. The voice behind the video is mellow and not intense. It is short and to the point. Time is important when it comes to screencasts. Shorter screencasts have more views rather than longer screencasts. As you know, we have short attention spans and want our information now. Instant gratification is a plus when it comes to screencasts. If you would like to learn more about screencasting or need personal advice, please contact me @EscapeTheNate.


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