Week 2: School is “Cool” and the Source of Laughter is Dongle

Hello everyone and welcome from Antarctica; well not really. The air conditioning vents in our new space make our room great for CPU efficiency. Computer builders will get that joke. However with the cold comes a burning passion for technology. Yeah, I know it sounds quite tacky, but hear me out. That warm fuzzy feeling inside one gets after helping out a students can fight back any cold. That and a sweatshirt or two. It is a nice thing being able to help students and teachers throughout the school. Whenever I am in a class other than Help Desk and a student or teacher is having a problem, they ask me for help. I was in AP Psychology with the awesome Dr. Rachel Gould, PhD, not MD. Her projector was not working with her Mac. I always keep a spare Thunderbolt to VGA dongle with me. Yes, I just used a funny word. I swapped out her broken part with my temporary fix and then proceeded to grab her a new from from the IT department. I know what you are thinking, why do to IT when there is HD. In rebuttal I say that Mrs. Scheffer had her hands tied with two classes going on simultaneously. When she is the the “zone” there is no getting her out of it. This is how we got a pair of Google Glass, but that is another story. But back to the story, when I came back from my short excursion I see my friend in tears due to the use of the word dongle in everyday conversation. A PSA, please teach your students that words may not physically hurt them but it may cause tears. Tears of laughter that is.


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