Career Portfolio

Over the course of this project, I learned numerous real world uses for social media as well as personal promotion. I was able to edit my digital footprint through LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Re.Vu, and I made my online life replicate my real life. Ones online self is equivalent to their real world self. I was able to make a fresh and modern looking personal brand. All of this work is like creating a brand. Before when people googled me, I did not know what was to turn up. Now with my creation of various online platforms, people that Google me are welcomed by a barrage of positive information. The career portfolio is important due to the modern working world. People will google you in todays job search. They are looking for both positive and negative things about you as a person. They want to see how you fit into the business machine. This gave me a way for me to be able to push more positive information out to the world.  The portfolio gives me an advantage over the other people who are standing still. They do not have modern day examples and tools to promote themselves. In comparison, people that have online and physical portfolio will be better off than those who do not.


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