Teacher Profile: Mr. Johnathan Cue

Mr. Cue is the new business and marketing teacher at BHS. He has used technology within his classroom to guide the class. Over the course of his short time here at the school, he has gain the reputation of an awesome teacher. Yes, I did just use the word awesome. He has used Edmodo, a Facebook equivalence for schools, for assignments and projects. He enjoys the diversity of the school and how they all are fluent in technology. A few days ago we choose brackets for the NCAA tournament on our iPads as well as on a laptop connected to a projector. With crowdsourcing a bracket, we hopped to have a competitive chance in winning.

The business world is ever expanding and growing. Textbooks for business, once printed, are out of date. With the use of active, online resources for information, we are able to learn in real time. By using online examples and tools, we are exposed as students to the outside business world. The skills that have been presented within his classroom have allocated the mean for my growth within my occupation. He has been a source of information for the various student owned and operated businesses. He uses topics and ideas that the class likes to convey the curriculum. We have student entrepreneurs in my class. Michael Guleserian owns his own graphic design company called Evo Arts Co. He presented what he does and we all learned from in. I personally work for b.good, an all natural burger shop based in Boston. I was able to show my skills as well as my portfolio from my job. Brian Leary owns his own movie review site called www.brickmoviereviews.com/ He and Patrick Hoarty both operate the company. Within the classroom, Mr. Cue allows all of us to gain business experience as well and expertise within the business world by utilizing technology within the classroom.


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