3/4: A Quarter of a Junior

Over the course of ones academic career, there are to be up ups, downs, as well as times of mental and emotion distress. Luckily  for me these happened in the beginning of the term.  Due to my hectic schedule, one can see why I was so stressed.

Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays I had Robotics. Tuesdays I would drive my little brother around to his activities. Thursdays I would have my Boy Scouts meetings. My weekends would be filled with performances and rehearsals for my musical group and on top of that then try to find time for my job and homework. I have not had a day off in a few months.

Time management, learning how to make most of what you got. I have little to no time to do all the things I want to in life. From when I get up to when I go to bed I am busy. With everything going on, trying to find time to do homework gets harder and harder. Once I was able to stop and think about my day, I am able to plan and be proactive about my schedule and tasks.  This skills manifested themselves within my daily life and they have been great.

Speaking of robotics, I have been the go to guy for social media posts. We think of our team as a brand. We try and protect this brand and show it in the best light possible. Trying to run a team of student that have various experiences with social media is hard. Yet the power to overcome the struggle was massive. We were learning more and more over the course of the quarter. From various successes and failures, a series of rules were established as seen in my Haiku Deck.

With everything going on, communication is key. I have to communicate with various parties in order to have my day progress. I have to plan everything so I can do everything. Whenever there is a curveball thrown into the mix, it takes a lot to straighten everything out. A prime example of miscommunication is that I had a last minute meeting scheduled with a film production company, while the meetings was going on, my father called and expressed that I had a dentist appointment a 30 min drive away. I left my movie meeting early and went to the dentist. As soon as I walked into the office, my employer called me and told me that I had shift. I was late to work and was stressed. After that I honed my communication skills making me the more effective communicator I am today.






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