Hour of Code: A Reflection

Wednesday December 11th, 2013

Coding, a way for people to break the cycle. In a world where technology is becoming more and more prominent, coding has become a go to for go-getters. Those who want to learn the next cutting edge idea. Coding is a great equalizer in the land of technology. It does not matter ones ethic, monetary, or educational background. People of all types can learn how to code. Education is considered to be a great equalizer. Now coding is allowing for those who may not excel in other realms of education a place to succeed. It levels the playing field.


Was created by the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab. It is provided free of charge. It has pre created elements that when placed together allow one to create a animation or game. It uses elements rather than lines of code. It helps one understand the basics of coding.


Code Academy-

A more complex walkthrough. As each step progresses, you add on to a previously compleated set of code. The box to the right depicts what you have created. With a minimal basic understanding of code or logic, one can use Code Academy to create things that interact like my Bubble Name.


I tried two out of the many possible tutorials that were created for the Hour of Code. They were complied all into a Smore Created by our advisor, Mrs. Scheffer (her blog surpasses any of ours). I thought highly of both of them! Through both of them, I was able to take away things that can come in handy in other realms of technology. Figuring out how to get from the start point and end with a finished product that I produced was really fun and engaging. With these programs rather than have you aimlessly punch away to create a product like everyone else. They give you creative range to make things that are really cool. I think everyone should learn how to code. It may come in handy someday. It may also give you an opportunity to get a job or have a leg up on your competition. Overall, coding is a great equalizer, being taught in numerous way through tutorials, that give everyone a chance to make something great.


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