T+9: Weekly Reflection


Were nine days into the new school year and help desk could not be busier. Between new freshmen students needing help setting up their iPad to teachers wanting to integrate more and more into the classroom setting, we have been doing things non stop. When a new student transfers into Burlington, or have never seen a iDevice, it can be pretty scary. It’s like learning the controls to an alien spaceship. I believe help desk  acts as a guide to help students, faculty, and peers thought the world on technology.  I helped two teachers in the science department on their ability to use Air Server within the classroom.  We had numerous students come in over the course of the week wanting to procure an iPad or needed help in the set up of an iPad. This was expected see as how Burlington High is a Apple based school. In order to be in Help Desk, cognitive thinking helps. A student had a issue with an iPad display. She thought that it was a virus. I looked into it,  and it was a loose chord within the iPad housing. I am excited for this year, and being able to use my skill sets to enrich the lives of others.


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