A Picture’s Worth A Thousand Plus

Ever found presentations, projects, or pictures bland and unappealing? As a student myself I found a way to make my images pop and convey the information that is needed.

The Need:

Students in todays day and age crave information. They want to know why, what next, how, and why does this matter. In textbooks, there is text and then there is an image. The two do not correspond directly. The picture is just a picture, there is nothing that brings the photo to life.  Static photos plus lecturing equates a boring lesson. I have seen students fall asleep sitting up due to a lack of immersion. In todays day and age, information cannot be static, there needs to be a constant update.

The Solution:

With Thinglink, students can tag photos, like in Facebook©, but instead of tagging friends, you can add external links to other sites, videos, photos, and social sites. With this, students can dive into the subject with multimedia enhancements. With a photo, some creativity, and a that little hamster inside of the computer, students can make photos more than that. All you need is a photo, URL’s, and a little bit of techno love. Students can make that picture worth 2000 words plus. It allows expression and innovation within presentations and gives students a way to make their projects pop.

The How To Stage:

Step One:

Go to Http://www.thinglink.com


 Step Two:

Click on the upper right hand corner Join Now. You can use an existing Facebook or Twitter account if you choose instead of creating a new account.


Step Three:

Enter your desired information for your new account and be ready to create new and exciting images.


Here are Some Examples:


PBL: Project Based Learning

Digital Media Literacy 

People say a pictures worth a thousand words, but maybe, just maybe,  with a neat idea, a vision, and some finger exercises, it  can be worth at least 3k+.  If you would like to learn more about thinglink.com or need help making your presentations, you can tweet me at @Escape_thenate, or email me at RippinBHSHelpDesk@gmail.com.


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