About Me

Nathan Rippin, son of Samuel Rippin and Gina Rippin, older brother of Aaron Rippin. Family in my house is important. We say protect this house. It’s that house which made me who I am today. My little brother, for one of you that don’t know, is awesome. There are no other words to describe him. My friends say he cute, my cousins say he is sweet, I say he is family no matter what. People have learned to love my family and I. It’s who we are and a family at that. 

Summer of 2013, a time of fun and a time of stress. With a international tour under my belt, it was cool seeing the world. It was rewarding yet exciting at the same time to bring my culture to other people. Went to hampton beach for a week to surf and catch some rays. Worked full time at a local, healthy, and fresh Burger company. Read about how history came to be and why countries are different all around the world. This summer was not a bummer indeed.

Burlington High School a place that we can learn about the spread of people or how to deal with people. We all have the opportunity to make ourselves better. I am excited to start a new year fresh and to make sure that I keep a sense of balance in everything I do. I am in a Instrumental Group and Boy Scouts so in the end I am excited for this year and for all that comes with it.Image


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